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Staff and Committee

Angelo is NUBC’s Head Coach. His arrival at NUBC follows three successful years based at the Italy’s Paolo D’Aloja National Rowing Centre at Piediluco, Umbria, where he was Coach and Co-ordinator of the Italian Junior and Senior Women’s national teams, and Assistant Coach for the Italian Federation’s Rowing College. With Angelo as their coach, Junior Italian crews picked up five silver medals and one bronze at World Championships in 2003 and 2004. Prior to that time, from 1994-2002 he was Head Coach at Circolo Canottieri (Rowing Club) Lazio, where athletes under his tutelage collected two gold, two silver and two bronze World Championship medals, and no fewer than 14 Italian Championship victories.
Boat Man – Brad Jewell
Brad Jewell maintains and repairs NUBC’s boat fleet. With more than 10 years at NUBC he has become an invaluable resource both here and in his role as a member of the Friends of NUBC. Brad trained as a naval architect at Newcastle University and has designed and sold ships for most of his career. He has now turned his attention to smaller boats and has built up considerable expertise in the construction and maintenance of rowing craft.Brad can be seen here sporting the brilliant boat club blazer and tie at the Northumbrian University Boat Race 2008. Both items are clothing are available for purchase in the Kit section of the website.
President – Murray Wilkojc

2010 Boat Club president and 2008 Henley Winner, Murray is the perfect candidate for the presidency. Polite, repsected and an absolute nutcase on the water he is looking to finally break into the U23 team at the third time of asking. He has raced and won practically every major event there is and is currently enjoying his masters in politics. As a Scottish born Pole he enjoys both hard work and terrible football. He hopes to keep the success of NUBC alive and to preside over another hugely succesful year.
Secretary – Rebecca Sparling

Rebecca Sparling is in her second year, studying Spanish. She is currently fulfilling the role of secretary with style and pizazz and is about to start her assault on the GB Selection process, hoping to gain entry at U23 level. As a lightweight rower she knows exactly how many calories are in a mars bar and is often heard quoting her weight to 8 decimal places.
Treasurer – Henry Hilder

An ex Novice rower, Henry has rowing in his blood and has followed his brother and father into the sport. He is studying Biology and is the purveyor of Henley’s finest pic-nics. Carefree and happy he is in charge of the clubs financial side and spends his evenings watching terrible TV and couting 5p coins.
Senior Men’s Captain – Freddie Beard

As a recent graduate of the 2008 Novice year, Freddie has had little difficulty in finding his feet as Men’s Captain. He is a third year Geography student who enjoys long walks and colouring things in. He is hoping to acheived great things in his last year at University whilst professionally running the entire mens squad.
Senior Women’s Captain – Miriam Jones Walters.

Minna is in her third year, studying Natural Sciences. She joined the boat club in her first year of university as a novice, and continued to row as a senior during her second year. She is affectionately nicknamed, ‘The Pocket Rocket’ and is also heading to GB trials to try and mix it up with the rest of the lightweights. She is trying to recruit more women into her already hugely succesful, if small, squad. As a Yorkshire Lass she enjoys tea and Roasts and is probably the nicest person in the world.
Social Secretaries – Ed Stephenson & Andy Hatzis

Adding spice and international flavour to our committee are these two social paens.  Andy Hatzis is a half Greek half Scottish rower who enjoys golf and sweating in equal amounts.  He is an exceptionally social creature who is generally seen on every night out.  Still a strong, experienced and powerful rower he is determined to maximise his time hear at Newcastle.

Ed ‘Stevo’ Stephenson is a small and special person.  Born and raised in Monmouth, Wales he was the ideal candidate for this position.  As a lightweight he is has a point to prove and is, therefore, trialling for GB this year.  He is single handedly keeping Tunnocks Caramel bars in business, should never be allowed sweets and has, without doubt, the worst music taste in the world.

Kit Officers – Tim Clarke & Mike Haynes

It is rare that pictures do people justice.  These do.  Tim Clarke is in his second year studying Chemistry and is mad bad and dangerous.  He is usually tagged in the Campus’ many fashion magazines and will personally tailor kit to fit.

Mike Haynes is a product of another successful novice year and prizes business over pleasure.  He is a determined rower who resolutely wheres his stash around regardless of situation or weather.

Publicity – Andrew Curry

Andrew Curry is studying English Literature and is in his third and final year.  He is small ginger and a lightweight who has one of the largest chips on his shoulder.  charged with painting the club in a positive light, he is the writer of most of the articles this year.  He has been around the rowing scene for many years, but spends most of his time sincerely wishing that he was more like Mason Durant.
Friends & Alumni Officer – Eleanor Earp

Charming, attractive and intelligence, Eleanor is the friendliest face on the commitee.  As a third year medic she has no spare time, but spends her hours saving lives one soul at a time.  As a novice she enjoyed pulling hard, being stressed and winning races.  Now she has progressed to senior level she has prioritised the stress and winning. Born and raised near Cambridge she has her heart set on being the best.
Sponsorship -Ruaridh MacPhee

Small, yet highly dangerous, Ruaridh ‘Rozza’ Macphee is the only cox on the committee.  He is studying Business, accounting and finance and therefore loves money.  He spends his spare time down in St Albans learning to be an accountant and is trying to break into the GB system this year.  Another former novice he's competitive and highly motivated and spends a great deal of time shouting at people.
Safety – Mark Bowers

Mark Bowers is a third year engineer.  He is a veteran rower who enjoys being on the commitee for the heightened sense of responsibility it brings.  He rows on bowside and has represented the club at Henley and EUSA.  He has recently changed his personal motto from ‘Never let safety get in the way of a good idea’ to the much more practical ‘providing safety, whatever the cost’.