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NUBC’s boathouse is situated in Newburn Village approximately 7 miles West of the city centre. This building is used exclusively by NUBC.

There are three large bays with fixed racking for club boats and newly-added racking on rolling racks for singles. The High Performance Group benefit from free racking for personal singles. The bays are joined to the main building which has a large warm room/stretching room, club room and both changing rooms. The changing rooms are large and equipped with hot showers and secure lockers. We also keep eight model C ergo’s and a row-perfect at the boathouse for use if the weather does not permit us to go on the water. Outside our basic rowing tank enables novice rowers to get to grips with the rowing stroke on land. Our large expanse of land also provides us with an excellent venue for social events such as our many barbeques. And last but by no means least, the view on the river is outstanding!

On Land

Claremont sports centre

This brand new facility opened in 2005 gives us an excellent land base. There is the full range of facilities with a cardio theatre, large weights room with machines and free weights and multipurpose rooms. There are twelve Model Ds available to us in this gym. As part of the university’s Performance Sport initiative, members also gain access to extra facilities such as sports lectures and sports massage.

Henderson gym

This Gym located at Henderson Hall is used exclusively by the Boat Club. We keep 10 model C’s and free weights in this Gym. There are showers available in Cochrane Park clubhouse next door. This is the main base for the High Performance Group’s land training through the winter.

On Water

The River

The River Tyne gives us 15km of rowable river on a low tide increasing to 18km on a high tide. This includes a 1500m straight running past the boathouse which gives excellent regatta practice, and a series of challenging bends which ensure that our coxes are able to cope with the strong currents and eddies that exist here and on the Tideway. There is almost no motor traffic on the river and this is also heavily restricted, also the river is only shared with Durham University and the local clubs rowing out of Tyne RC. Also surprisingly for such a large river it is very seldom that rowing on the river is not possible due to prevailing weather conditions.


The club boats are shown below, in addition to which many members have their own private singles. The boatfleet is maintained by our boatman Brad Jewell.

Vicky Buchanan Hudson Elite 2007 Men’s First VIII
Jim London Aylings Men’s Second VIII
* NAME FOR SALE * Wintech 2007 Women’s First VIII
Northern Rock Sims Women’s Second VIII
Tom Janusek Men’s Third VIII
Walter Booth Aylings Women’s Third VIII
Harry Aylings Novice VIII
Ed Aylings  
Roy Storer Janusek  
* NAME FOR SALE * Hudson Men’s 1st 4+
Catherine Eton Racing Boats
Dixie Janusek
Becks Janusek  Women’s 1st 4+
Charlie Empacher High Performance Women
Christopher Aylings High Performance Hwt Men
Salamanda Janusek High Performance Women/Lwt Men
* NAME FOR SALE * Aylings High Performance Hwt Men
Unnamed Janusek High Performance Women/Lwt Men
Dan Aylings High Performance Women/Lwt Men
RGS Aylings  
* NAME FOR SALE * BBG High Performance Squad Member
* NAME FOR SALE * BBG High Performance Squad Member
* NAME FOR SALE * BBG High Performance Squad Member